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Toronto Food Adventures

26 Aug

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Restaurants we’ve eaten at/from:

  • Wine Tasting @ Château Des Charmes  — Love the ice wines from 2007!
  • Tour @ The Great Mountain Ginseng Farm — Most expensive ginseng they have = CAD$1867.00
  • Lunch @ Star King Viet Thai Cuisine — My Beef Noodle with Sugarcane Shrimp was really yummy.
  • Browsing @ T&T — Huge selection of cake & sushi.
  • Lunch @ Seoul Soul — The lunch specials are really good deals.
  • Korean BBQ & Sushi @ Chako — Yummy food + free all you can eat desserts!!
  • Dim Sum @ Shangri-La — Very posh environment with a gorgeous garden.
  • Baskin Robbins‘ Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake @ Cousins’ place — The icing… *drools*
  • Brunch & Dinner @ Asian Legend — Highly recommended.
  • Lunch @ King’s Restaurant — Their fried bread sticks are da bomb!  Tendon beef noodle soup’s really good too.
  • Dinner @ Chipotle Mexican Grill — Awesome burritos.
There are also a few places I didn’t name (no idea what those restaurant are called since I forgot to take a business card before leaving) and some I didn’t take food photos of (hunger>photos).


5 Jul

Just reached 20,000 hits today!!


I ❤ my followers =)

Double Double Combo

14 Apr

I broke the replay button. =x

It’s the most wonderful time of the year <3

20 Dec

Hugs All Around!!!

27 Sep

Finally reached 2000 hits!!  So excited =D

I was on hiatus when I reach my 1000th hit so I’m making up for it now.  Thanks for the support everyone!!



One down, two to go!!

26 Nov

Just presented for my DRM class this morning.  Haha, our group’s presentation totally kicked ass!!  There was another group who did a skit as well, but I’m biased; I think ours was better… We had “costumes” & props!! =D

Anyways, must cram for exam now…

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