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FOOD ART by Samantha Lee

21 Apr

By all means, never stop playing with your food.

source: Lee Samantha


Jean Envy :(

9 Jun

color me happy and skinny

Arrrrgghhhhhh!!!  I hate being short =_____=

I really, really love all these colorful jeans but finding a pair that fits properly is proving to be an impossible feat!!  Being 5’2″ means that everything is too long.  I don’t mind hemming my pants but a lot of these skinny jeans don’t even make sense; I’ve once tried a pair that was so tight around the calves that I spent at least a good three minutes in the changing room working up a sweat by yanking and contorting in those ridiculous pants because I could not get them over my heel — in the end I only managed to wrestle them off after taking my socks off first (and mind, you I’m pretty small framed).  Capris usually end up hitting me at the ankle (which is perfect for summer) but then the proportion for everything else is all wrong.

And is it just me, or is the ruching around the zipper (like the coral and lavender jeans) really weird? Because that happens when I wear them too and I find it extremely distracting, especially when it’s as bad as the cyan ones — it’s as though it’s too tight around the hips and too loose around the thighs. It doesn’t seem to happen with darker jeans though… or maybe it does but the color’s too dark to see it?  Am I insane?  I can’t be the only one who thinks this…  Urgh.  #firstworldproblems

how to wear mint jeans

I really want a pair of mint ones. :s

 source: rockpaperscissor, smallshopstudio

Lovely Libraries — The Unconventional

15 Mar


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17 Nov

Ahh~~  Don’t these look lovely?  I want to go coat shopping.
It’s already snowing in the west, which means it won’t be long until it’s time to say goodbye to fashionable coats.  There comes a time in every winter when it’s so cold, nobody cares what anybody looks like.

source: lookbook & chictopia

It’s so fluffy!!

13 Oct

How can anyone say no to this?

source: thatcutesite

pancakes + waffles

10 Oct

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