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Sonic the Hedgehog — Live Action Fan Film

11 Jan

Can I point out again that this is fan made?
Visually, it’s beautiful.  Pacing is a little slow, and it’s a bit distracting that the leaves and grass don’t rustle when Sonic rushes through but otherwise, it’s gorgeous.

Hollywood needs to up their game — that’s all I have to say.
If the people of Blue Core Studios had a bigger budget and a decent writer, this could be a great summer flick.

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On the same note, there’s a fan-made Pokémon live-action trailer
from a few years ago that’s also quite spectacular:

I would pay to see this as a full length film in theaters.

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And lastly, FreddieW recently did something similar with The Legend of Zelda.


100 Years of East London Style (in 100 secs.)

7 Oct

Everyone should watch this at least twice —
once for the fashion, and once more for the dancing.

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On a somewhat related side-note, has anyone seen the ad campaign for Lanvin’s Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collection?

I can’t help but wonder what the heck the models were dancing to when they shot this because their movements and energy doesn’t go with the song at all, yet it’s still extremely amusing at the same time.


Le Flâneur: Stop-Motion Paris

1 Sep

[vimeo 17894033]

Stop-motion Paris composed completely of photographs.   Continue reading

The end is almost here!!

14 Jul

In case you’ve forgotten where we stand since the last movie, here’s two short Youtube vids to bring you up to date.  The first one is more factual and funny (summarizing 7 movies in 7 minutes), whereas the second one is more emotional and foreboding — be warn, tissues may be needed!

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7 Harry Potter Movies in 7 Minutes

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Through the Pensive

So epic and sad at the same time…

It’s like the end of my childhood; the end of an era!!  No more Harry Potter-related things to line up for.  Yes, I was one of those insane people who lined up for the midnight book release, and one of those nutcases who couldn’t help but begin reading immediately upon purchasing said book until about 7 or 8 o’clock in the morning when I was about to go blind from being so tired and was unwillingly forced to take a nap before continuing my reading, shutting out the entire world until I got to the end.  Wow, that is one long run-on sentence!

Sadly, I won’t be seeing Deathly Hallows: Part 2 in theaters until Sunday which means I’m avoiding the internet and all Harry Potter-related news till after the movie.  Obviously, I know how it ends since I’ve read the entire series multiple times (certain books more than others) but I don’t want anyone to influence my opinion of the movie in any way which is why I haven’t even bothered looking for news about the film — although I happen to read two Harry Potter-related articles in the Montreal Gazette last week.  One is about how producers for the last installment have hired a company from Ottawa to do the water effects for the pensive (yay Canada!!).  I can’ t seem to find the link for it, but here’s an alternate link for those of you who are interested here.  As for the other article… urgh, honestly it’s so abysmally written, it’s not even worth the effort to look for it — not only did the reporter smugly wrote about how he knows the “difference between muggles and magicians” after a weekend marathon, he misspelled Hermione’s last name as “Grainger” thrice, and then went on comparing the series to Lord of the Rings and Star Wars with a been-there-done-that attitude, all the while attempting to sound like he’s actually excited for Deathly Hallows.  It’s so condescending.

Anyway, I digress.  I may line-up a few things tonight scheduled to be posted in the next few days (but I’m not making any promises) so if you happen to leave a comment that doesn’t get approved, don’t feel sad; I’m not ignoring you!  It just means that I’m still hiding out from spoilers.

See you in a few days!!



source: tumblr & pinterest

Cereal Killer

19 Jun

A new short from FreddieW!  I’ve been following his channel for a while now and speaking as someone who can’t say no to a good action flick,  I have to say that his productions are pretty professional.  He generally releases one clip/short film per week — sometimes they’re experimental and completely random (eg. Rocking Out On a Moving Car, Skydiving Out My Front Door, or Mr.Toots), sometimes they have a bit of a storyline (eg. the one embedded above), and sometimes they’re collaborations done with relatively well-known celebrities (eg. Eliza Dushku of  Dollhouse and Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Shenae Grimes of 90210 and Degrassi: The Next Generation) or other fellow Youtubers (eg. WongFu Productions).

Be sure to watch the Behind-the-Scenes footage as well since the special effects are cleverly done for someone who’s not working with a giant Hollywood budget.

Img source: flickr

Parallel Lines & Carousel

24 Aug

Five short films.
Five genres.
Five of RSA’s hottest directors.
One unifying piece of dialogue.

Such is the premise for this year’s Philips TV campaign.  The challenge is to create a cutting-edge short film in any genre they liked, while conveying the idea that “There may be numerous ways to tell a story but only one way to actually watch them –- on a Philips TV”.

The results are quite interesting, to say the least…

Jun and the Hidden Skies – Hi-Sim

DarkRoom – Johnny Hardstaff

The Hunt  – Jake Scott

The Gift – Carl Erik Rinsch

El Secreto de Mateo – Greg Fay

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

And in case you’re curious, here is the commercial for last year’s campaign.

WARNING: Loaded with creepy coolness.

Carousel – Philips 2009 TV Campaign

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

So which one do you like best from the interpretations?
Or do you prefer last year’s commercial?

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