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Seasonal Allergies are Evil

8 May

cause of seasonal allergies culprits

natural remedies for seasonal allergy

My nose is a leaky faucet, my throat is feels like it’s being scratched open from the inside, and my eyeballs are being jabbed by invisible needles. *sigh*

source: healthcentral & cooldailyinfographics


How To Spot a Liar

28 Feb


Forensics Psychology — fascinating, isn’t it?

source: damnlol

Here’s To All the Single Ladies

14 Feb

beyonce dance steps infographic single ladies

Cheers!  😉

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0875 12687_10151160039854563_1972371659_n

source: tumblr

Flu Season (=___=)

22 Dec

headache aunty acid

flu season

This may very well be the first Christmas where the entire household is sick.  I planned to do some baking this weekend but it’s impossible to do so without sneezing or coughing onto everything.  Urgh.

source: pinterest

The Holidays: A Proper Interaction

19 Dec


source: 9gag

The Hobbit Cheat Sheet

13 Dec



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For your LOTR marathons:

Lord of the Rings LOTR drinking game

Note:  Please drink responsibly.

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