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Animal Wrapping

17 Dec

Gift wrapping alternative


This is so adorable.  Forget about fancy expensive wrapping paper;
all you need is a stack of plain, white computer paper and a black marker. 🙂


{ holiday hiatus }

22 Dec



Have a safe and happy holiday everyone!!
I’ve decided to put this blog on a brief hiatus so there won’t be any updates for the next week or so.

See you next year! =)


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Happy Chinese New Year!!

23 Jan

新年快樂! 恭喜發財!  龍馬精神!  心想事成!

It’s the year of the Black Water Dragon, so this extremely unusual rainfall we’ve been having today is a good sign if you’re superstitious.  Just be careful when you leave the house tomorrow morning… it may be really icy! =)

Happy Holidays =D

30 Dec

Hope everyone’s having a good one!

{ oh x’mas tree oh x’mas tree }

22 Dec

It’s hard not to feel festive with a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the room, even if your tree is an unconventional one.  ❤

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Halloween Costumes: Pop Culture Favorites

31 Oct

Looks like there will be a lot of Charlie Sheens, Angry Birds, Katy Perrys,
Prince Williams and Kate Middletons tonight.

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