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Halloween Costumes: Pop Culture Favorites

31 Oct

Looks like there will be a lot of Charlie Sheens, Angry Birds, Katy Perrys,
Prince Williams and Kate Middletons tonight.

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How to Survive Zombie Land

30 Oct

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Audfaced’s Halloween Money Saving Tips

9 Oct

Halloween Money Saving Tips:

  1. [01:32] – Avoid costume kits if possible
  2. [02:31] – Remember, Halloween make-up is greasy
  3. [03:32] – Don’t bring enough money to splurge (when costume shopping)
  4. [04:48] – Ask yourself “REALLY?”
  5. [05:35] – Make a list before you get there
  6. [05:56] – Shop at thrift, garage, and second-hand stores
  7. [06:18] – Just try to avoid last minute shopping
  8. [06:51] – Stock up on props etc. for the year
  9. [07:14] – Swap closet with a friend
  10. [07:31] – Your grandparents could hook you up!
  11. [08:00] – Buy candy in bulk
  12. [08:34] – Rearrange or buy 1-3 products to change the theme
  13. [09:01] – Make your own decorations
  14. [09:44] – The internet has frankly everything
  15. [10:05] – Do test trial makeup
  16. [11:03] – Compare prices before buying
  17. [11:47] – Safety tips

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In case you’re in need of inspiration, she has quite a number of interesting looks on her channel.

Steel Assassin

Corpse Bride

source: audfaced 

The Lovely and the Bloody

22 Oct

Who says Halloween can’t be pretty and elegant?  It doesn’t have to be a bloody gore-fest, but if you choose to go there then go all the way — otherwise, what’s the point? =P

The Beauty:

The Beast:

No pumpkin? No problem.

23 Sep

I don’t like mice, but this is such a creepy/cool idea.  It would look incredibly realistic in the dark too.  But for those of you who find carving pumpkins a hassle (or a waste, if you don’t eat pumpkins to begin with) here are a few creative alternatives:

Ghosts Jugs - I suppose any white jugs would work. Just make sure the candle inside isn't high enough to get blown by the wind since the flame could melt the jug if it touches it. Although... that might make a pretty cool effect...

Pumkin, Ghosts, and Demon Jars - You can use any jars that you have at home. Just wrap and decorate them with colorful tissue paper from the dollar store and put a candle or Christmas lights inside.

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins - So cute. Great if you have scraps of fabric lying around.

Mini Pumpkin Bags - Perfect for Halloween parties.

Hello, Pumpkin. Did you know that…

2 Sep

Counting down the days till Halloween!!
Any creative pumpkin decorating suggestions?
Or better yet, pumpkin recipes?

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