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Quadrate Spiral

11 Dec

Benedict Cumberbatch; Sherlock; staircase

I have have no idea whether this is a promo pic for the new season of Sherlock or whether it’s a Cumberbatch photo shoot, but either way, it’s a fantastic shot and omgseason3isbeginsJanuary19!!  Now I have something to look forward to after Nikita ends. :)

source: tumblr

To the Batmobile!!

10 Dec

batmobile; batman; robin batmobile; batman; robin

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Grime Fighters: A DC-Marvel Alliance

13 Feb


Window washers at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

Window-washers from left, Mark Errico (Captain America), Jim Zaremba (Batman), Ed Hetrick (Superman) and Rick Boloinger (Spiderman) repel down the side of Children’s Hospital Monday morning, Oct. 22, 2012 as the crew of super-clad washers from Allegheny Window Cleaning, Inc. rid the windows of the Lawrenceville hospital of grime.

James Knox | Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The Hobbit Cheat Sheet

13 Dec



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For your LOTR marathons:

Lord of the Rings LOTR drinking game

Note:  Please drink responsibly.

source: pinterest

Drunken Avengers

19 Jul

avengers cocktails

Avengers-themed party, anyone?

(Note – Please drink responsibly.)

source: scifi.icanhascheezburger

Game of Thrones: The Rom-Com

20 Jun


I’m currently in the middle of Storm of Swords right now and it is insane/jaw-dropping, depressing/heartbreaking, sassy/hilarious all at the same time.  It took me forever to get through the first two books; although, in my defense, the text is really tiny and my attempt at reading alongside the show has been quite abysmal to say the least.  I only started the first book maybe about three episodes into the second season and you know what — the show has ruined the books for me.  By ruined, I mean I keep getting the impulses to jump ahead to all the fun dialogues and POVs, skipping all the “boring” bits.  Now that I’ve read past the end of Season 2, I just can’t seem to put it down — hence, my lack of blog updates (sorry, it can’t be helped).

Someone once described the books as “crack on paper” and I’m incline to agree.  The author really goes out of his way in taking risks with these characters so no one is safe — I kind of love and hate that.  I also love/hate how to a non-reader: everyone on the show looks the same  (point #4 here); at least a dozen characters are introduced in every episode of the first season so it’s impossible to tell who’s important and who isn’t (especially since even the most disposable, minor characters are given names — sometimes even nicknames too);  and how it’s near impossible to remember everyone’s names, much less how they’re all related to one another (on a global scale) at first viewing of the show.

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 On a semi-related note…

Of course, the above doesn’t mean much if you know nothing
(aha!  see what I did there?) about the show/books.

source: youtube & 9gag


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