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Where’s Your Fandom?

1 May


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There are 37 in total.  Can you name/spot them all?
Jump the cut if you need a hint. 🙂

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FOOD ART by Samantha Lee

21 Apr

By all means, never stop playing with your food.

source: Lee Samantha

Quadrate Spiral

11 Dec

Benedict Cumberbatch; Sherlock; staircase

I have have no idea whether this is a promo pic for the new season of Sherlock or whether it’s a Cumberbatch photo shoot, but either way, it’s a fantastic shot and omgseason3isbeginsJanuary19!!  Now I have something to look forward to after Nikita ends. 🙂

source: tumblr

To the Batmobile!!

10 Dec

batmobile; batman; robin batmobile; batman; robin

source: tumblr

Grime Fighters: A DC-Marvel Alliance

13 Feb


Window washers at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

Window-washers from left, Mark Errico (Captain America), Jim Zaremba (Batman), Ed Hetrick (Superman) and Rick Boloinger (Spiderman) repel down the side of Children’s Hospital Monday morning, Oct. 22, 2012 as the crew of super-clad washers from Allegheny Window Cleaning, Inc. rid the windows of the Lawrenceville hospital of grime.

James Knox | Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

The Hobbit Cheat Sheet

13 Dec



+ + + + + + + + + + + +

For your LOTR marathons:

Lord of the Rings LOTR drinking game

Note:  Please drink responsibly.

source: pinterest

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