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Animal Wrapping

17 Dec

Gift wrapping alternative


This is so adorable.  Forget about fancy expensive wrapping paper;
all you need is a stack of plain, white computer paper and a black marker. 🙂


Paper Planes

28 Aug

paper airplanes

Something to do this weekend? =D

source: pinterest

101 Bits of Summer Fun

18 Jun

source: laurawinslowphotography

BeautyQQ’s DIY Summer Remedies

23 May

Getting Rid of Dark Circles With Jello

  • Diminishing Dark Circles
    • 55g green tea jelly mix + 1tsp green tea powder + 350ml hot water
  • Antioxidant Properties
    • 55g gelatin + 1tsp  spirulina powder+ 350ml hot water
  • Reducing Puffiness 
    • 55g gelatin + 1tsp coffee powder + 350ml hot water


  • Green tea jelly mix, agar powder, and pure gelatin can be used interchangeably
  • You can use more or less water depending on how thick/malleable  you want your jello to be
  • She didn’t actually specify the proportions for the spirulina and coffee recipes so I’m assuming they’re the same as the green tea one

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Foot Beauty for Summer

  • Mango Skin AHA Mask (00:59)
  • Coconut Candy Foot Scrub (01:55)
  • Choco-Coco Moisturizing Foot Mud (02:39)
  • Green Tea Foot Bath (04:05)

7 Ways to Wear a Scarf

24 Jan

It’s -25°C today, yikes!!  Better bundle up.

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