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The Faces Behind Disney Voices

20 Jan


source: tumblr


The Little Mermaid (Transformers Remix)

9 Mar

I think I want to watch this movie again, haha!

Quotes of the Day: Li Shang (Disney’s Mulan)

3 Nov


“That awkward moment when someone uses the phrase: ‘Let’s get down to business,’ 
and now all you want to do is defeat the huns.”

^ LOL!  I just had to share  this.

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Disney Princesses on VOGUE

9 May

Which is your favorite?

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Trivia — Mickey Mouse

28 Feb


+ + + ++ + + + + + + +


On a separate note, I thought that this is the cutest thing ever:

I’m still kicking myself for not getting those giant Mickey Mouse gloves. *sigh*

source: learnsomethingneweveryday, tumblr

Mean Disney Girls

12 Oct

I am amused, lol.

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