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Lovely Libraries — The Unconventional

15 Mar


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Colourful Perfection

7 Jul

The teal; the turquoise; the pink!  *swoons*

I don’t know about the fork and knife curtains in the living room but they make such a bold statement, don’t they?  I love the idea of having one really bright coloured wall and having the rest of the walls done in white.

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Silhouette City

31 Jan

All you need are a few black frames and a trusty printer.

The Lovely and the Bloody

22 Oct

Who says Halloween can’t be pretty and elegant?  It doesn’t have to be a bloody gore-fest, but if you choose to go there then go all the way — otherwise, what’s the point? =P

The Beauty:

The Beast:

here & there

29 Aug

I love collecting maps of places I’ve been to.

Wooden X’mas Trees

17 Dec

I use to love watching Christoper the Christmas Tree every winter holiday as a child.  Actually, thinking back now, it’s still one of my favorite holiday movies, eventhough it’s kind of sad…  I suspect I may have been somewhat traumatized by it as a child since everytime I pass by a Christmas tree lot now, I can’t help but feel really bad for all those poor trees that have been cut down…

Anyways, found some pretty interesting alternatives via If It’s Hip It’s Here

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