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Clash Electro-Swing

25 Feb

How could I not know about this?

song: Clash by Caravan Palace
dancer: Forsythe @takesomecrime


Here’s To All the Single Ladies

14 Feb

beyonce dance steps infographic single ladies

Cheers!  😉

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0875 12687_10151160039854563_1972371659_n

source: tumblr

Dance of Fashion

5 Feb


Photographed by Paul Tirado

source: 500px

… and the countdown begins!

31 Dec


fred astaire

source: weheartit

{ wonderland }

13 Oct

“When you look at things differently, STORIES emerge.  There is beauty in the everyday.  And when PEOPLE learn to look for it, they’ll find inspiration in the least likely PLACES.  That’s when the narrative in the situation and in the subject comes into focus.  And even fashion is dull without the right STYLE.” ~ Cade Martin

Cade Martin x Washington Ballet

source: cademartin

100 Years of East London Style (in 100 secs.)

7 Oct

Everyone should watch this at least twice —
once for the fashion, and once more for the dancing.

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On a somewhat related side-note, has anyone seen the ad campaign for Lanvin’s Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collection?

I can’t help but wonder what the heck the models were dancing to when they shot this because their movements and energy doesn’t go with the song at all, yet it’s still extremely amusing at the same time.


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