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Perseids Meteor Shower 2015

15 Aug

Perseids Shower by Jonathan Besler

Ghost Nebula and Perseid Meteor by Kevin Black

Perseid Meteor Shower & Andromeda Galaxy 2015 by Garrett Meyers

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I couldn’t see the meteor shower at its peak because it was raining all week but I was able to catch it around 1 a.m. yesterday.  I definitely saw at least four in the hour I stayed out, thought that’s really low-balling it since were many instances where I thought I saw something but it was so thin and quick that I couldn’t be sure whether I imagined it because I didn’t want to go home empty handed, or if I really did see it.  There were a few incidents too where stars were randomly blinking out, but thinking back, it was probably because there were still quite a bit of rain clouds left over.  The fact that I was watching from my backyard with my neighbour’s bright florescent kitchen light shining across the yard didn’t really help either.  I think he keeps the light on and his kitchen drapes opened for his cat, who, by the way, kept staring at me; he’s probably not use to strange people just standing there, ruining his scenery for so long, haha.

The first shooting star that I undoubtedly saw was so bright, it caught me completely by surprised, especially since I saw it from the corner of my eye when I turned my head to answer someone.  I whipped my head back quickly enough to catch the tail.  It was like a fireball streaking across the sky; it was so amazing.  I can’t believe the Perseids Showers happens annually and this is the first time I’ve read or heard about it.  We couldn’t see it last year because of the Super Moon but what about all the previous years?  Did people not care or know about it back then?  Have I been deceived by movies all these years in thinking that they’re such rare occurrences when they’re actually quite common?  We have five more meteor showers to look forward to this year:

I have no idea if those are as visible or accessible as the Perseids though; I didn’t need a telescope or anything on Friday.

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To Victory!!

14 May


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Dear Bruins

12 May

It’s just not a Habs-Bruins game without a massive fight breaking out, is it?

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Keep Calm & Carey On

1 May


4-3!!!  THIS IS HOW WE DO IT!!!

It’s over 75,000!!

2 Mar


75,000 hits!!
This blog has over 75,000 hits!!

This is crazy!!!
You’re all awesome!! <333

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Year of the Snake ~~~

10 Feb



I found a list of New Years greetings on tumblr that I thought I’d share because I always say the same two or three and they start sounding very repetitive after greeting several people in a row.  I thought maybe some of you might want a little variation as well, haha.


新年快樂! ~ 恭喜發財! ~ 身體健康! ~ 蛇年吉祥! ~ 萬事如意!
金銀滿屋! ~ 心想事成! ~ 財源廣進! ~ 萬事勝意! ~ 如魚得水!
青春常駐! ~ 夢想成真! ~ 新春大吉! ~ 飛黃騰達! ~ 一本萬利!
如意吉祥! ~  龍馬精神! ~ 學業進步! ~ 生意興隆! ~ 事事如意!
貨如轉輪! ~ 步步高升! ~ 要啥有啥! ~ 笑口常開! ~ 發財好事!
大吉大利! ~ 買啥升啥! ~ 合家平安! ~ 橫財就手! ~ 出入平安!
五福臨門! ~ 招財進寶! ~ 旗開得勝! ~ 百業興旺! ~ 大展宏圖!
得心應手! ~ 官運亨通! ~ 老少平安! ~ 福星高照! ~ 富貴雙全!
吉星拱照! ~ 人興財旺! ~ 東成西就! ~ 隨心所欲! ~ 恭賀新禧!

And in other languages…

Chúc mừng năm mới!
새해 복 많이 받으세요!


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