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The Little Mermaid (Transformers Remix)

9 Mar

I think I want to watch this movie again, haha!

Le Café

5 Dec

Warning: Too much coffee can dangerous! 

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Animation: Emilie Tarascou and Stéphanie Marguerite.
Music and song: Oldelaf & Mr D.
Production:  École des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation (EMCA)

Death Buy Lemonade

3 Jun

Death Buy Lemonade is  an animated short, by Kyu-bum Lee, about a little girl and her lemonade stand.  Take notes all you business savvy people out there!  Sometimes a little compassion goes a long way.

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rain town

10 Apr

This hauntingly beautiful mood piece is Hiroyasu Ishida’s graduation film project at Kyoto Seika University.  The pacing is a bit slow but the music, coupled with the rain is quite lovely.  A few scenes are reminiscent of Castle in the Sky, so if you’re a fan of Hayao Miyazaki’s work then you’ll enjoy this short.


In this town, since who knows when, rain has never stopped.
Residents moved out to suburbs and high ground around
“rain town.”
People’s memories are now deeply submerged.
But into this forgotten rainy town
sometimes, someone wanders.

Concept Art:

source: tete

Rango: Part 2 – Behind the Scenes

16 Feb

“Natural acting experience” for-the-win!  Talk about loving your job; it must’ve been incredible to be on set especially since most of the cast have already worked together in Pirates of the Caribbean.  This may not be first time they’ve used this sort of method in the industry — I believe Disney was the first to do so with Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (1937), most notably the dancing scene at the cottage — but it’s still pretty spectacular to watch.  I hope they include more footages of this on the DVD.  The making of it is a performance in itself.  I guess they figured why waste talent when you have such an amazing cast to work with.  Let ’em loose and go all out!

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Rango: Part 1 – Posters & Trailer

Rango: Part 1 – Posters & Trailer

15 Feb

Omg, this looks hilarious!  I love the nitty gritty texture of it all
but I have to ask though… what is up with the fish?

Le silence sous l’écorce

28 Jan

[alternate link: here]

One of the things that I love about living in Montreal is joining in the awe-stricken daze and wonderment that people fall into upon seeing the very first snowfall at the end of autumn.  It matters not whether you’re a wide-eyed tourist or a jaded local — at the sign of the first snowfall, everybody just stops and stares in admiration at the snowy grey sky for a good 10 seconds before resuming whatever activities they were priorly busy with.  Every single year, it never fails because in those 10 brief seconds, all is right in the world — the world is a beautiful place.

That’s probably why I particularly enjoyed watching Joanna Lurie’s Le silence sous l’écorce (also known as The Silence Beneath the Bark).  This quaint animated short captures that child-like innocence so perfectly, it’s no wonder that it’s now officially shortlisted for the Oscars.  If you don’t watch it for the animation, then at least watch it for the soundtrack.

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