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El Vendedor de Humo

25 Feb




The film centers around a traveling “smoke seller” who, as the film begins, arrives in a new town to set up shop. With control of seemingly magical smoke which can transform objects at will, it doesn’t take long for him to become the toast of the town. But, as you might imagine, there is a twist in store…


Carrot Crazy

4 Feb




[vimeo 27588379]

The best way to ensnare a rabbit is to lure it out with carrots.  LOTS of carrots.  You can never have enough carrots.   It’s a fact.

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Produced by Dylan Vanwormer & Logan Scelina

The Faces Behind Disney Voices

20 Jan


source: tumblr

Sonic the Hedgehog — Live Action Fan Film

11 Jan

Can I point out again that this is fan made?
Visually, it’s beautiful.  Pacing is a little slow, and it’s a bit distracting that the leaves and grass don’t rustle when Sonic rushes through but otherwise, it’s gorgeous.

Hollywood needs to up their game — that’s all I have to say.
If the people of Blue Core Studios had a bigger budget and a decent writer, this could be a great summer flick.

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On the same note, there’s a fan-made Pokémon live-action trailer
from a few years ago that’s also quite spectacular:

I would pay to see this as a full length film in theaters.

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And lastly, FreddieW recently did something similar with The Legend of Zelda.

EL FIN (The End)

15 Dec

EL FIN elderly grandparents

El Fin, by Hampa Studio, is an animated short about Pierre and Amparo, an elderly couple whose love endures in spite of whatever vicissitudes they face.

source: hampastudio


26 Apr

Oh, the ending!!   Continue reading

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