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Seasonal Allergies are Evil

8 May

cause of seasonal allergies culprits

natural remedies for seasonal allergy

My nose is a leaky faucet, my throat is feels like it’s being scratched open from the inside, and my eyeballs are being jabbed by invisible needles. *sigh*

source: healthcentral & cooldailyinfographics


Where’s Your Fandom?

1 May


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There are 37 in total.  Can you name/spot them all?
Jump the cut if you need a hint. 🙂

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Hold Close by Ingrid Tan

29 Apr

source: deviantart

De Buci & Seine

24 Apr

source: flickr

Concrete Jungle

28 Jan

graffiti; street art

source: tumblr

{ bold lines }

19 Jan



Anyone know the credits to this?

source: tumblr

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