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23 Jan

cade martin for Tazo Tea IIHIH 2

cade martin for Tazo Tea IIHIH 3

cade martin for Tazo Tea IIHIH 4

cade martin for Tazo Tea IIHIH 5

cade martin for Tazo Tea IIHIH 6

cade martin for Tazo Tea IIHIH 7

cade martin for Tazo Tea IIHIH 9

cade martin for Tazo Tea IIHIH 8

Cade Martin x Starbucks

Cade Martin does it again!  I love the Wonderland shoot he did for Washington Ballet a while back.  His Tazo Tea campaign for Starbucks is just as whimsy as it is delightful.

source: ifitshipitshere

‘Tis the Season to be Shoppy

8 Dec

source: mint

{ wonderland }

13 Oct

“When you look at things differently, STORIES emerge.  There is beauty in the everyday.  And when PEOPLE learn to look for it, they’ll find inspiration in the least likely PLACES.  That’s when the narrative in the situation and in the subject comes into focus.  And even fashion is dull without the right STYLE.” ~ Cade Martin

Cade Martin x Washington Ballet

source: cademartin

Canon Remember Your Story?

19 Apr

I love this campaign!
This is precisely why one must take photos when going on vacation.

It’s a bit ironic that I stumbled onto these since my friends and I were just talking about this very subject a few days ago.

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You know you’re a camera geek when you think this is funny!

source: cargocollective & pentapixel

The New Boho Chic

8 Apr

credit:  Jacquelyn Jablonski by Alexi Lubomirski for H&M Magazine Spring 2011
source: Fashion Gone Rogue

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On a semi-related note, are peasant-skirts back?  I saw a huge rack of them at Zara the other day in bright bold hues.

Dancing Androids are taking over the world!

24 Mar

This totally made my day.  =D


Run like the wind!

5 Mar

That’s my mantra for this month.  Got lazy in February and even debated whether I should just quit the gym because let’s face it, gym membership ain’t cheap (and I’m also ashamed to say that I went only once last month >___<).  But no, I made a commitment to myself and I’m sticking to it!


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