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Mardan Palace

20 Apr


How gorgeous is this staircase?  I did a little research about it and it turns out it’s found at a hotel called Mardan Palace located in Lara, Antalya, Turkey.

My God, is this place extravagant.

It’s reportedly billed as Europe’s most expensive hotel:  “It cost roughly $1.4 billion to build. A stay at this hotel on the Turkish Riviera could run you up to $18,000 per night […]. The spa has a room full of real snow.”

Oh… is that what this is…?


This is insane.  Actual snow inside the hotel that guest can have snowball fights with, lol.   Continue reading


Make it Neon

19 Dec

neon living room

neon office

neon kitchen

neon bathroom

neon patio

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The Bathroom Palette Dilemma

24 Jul


We’ve been debating about this on and off,  back and forth,  since the beginning of summer and we’ve finally narrowed it down to three or four color schemes for our new bathroom.  We’re gutting everything out, tearing apart all the walls to add in more insulation and quite possibly re-arrangement of everything so all very exciting.  If only we can decide on the color…


Personally, I really like the first two.  The third one’s cool too but I don’t care for the last one since it’s too plain — maybe if the top or bottom portion were a bright color instead of white since it’s not doing anything for me as it is.  I have a feeling we’ll end up going with the first one since it’s the brightest one.

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Lovely Libraries — The Unconventional

15 Mar


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Colourful Perfection

7 Jul

The teal; the turquoise; the pink!  *swoons*

I don’t know about the fork and knife curtains in the living room but they make such a bold statement, don’t they?  I love the idea of having one really bright coloured wall and having the rest of the walls done in white.

source: myblackbook

Can I live here?

3 Jun

The curtains!  The mirror!  The fireplace!  The carpet!

source:  designonline

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