Mardan Palace

20 Apr


How gorgeous is this staircase?  I did a little research about it and it turns out it’s found at a hotel called Mardan Palace located in Lara, Antalya, Turkey.

My God, is this place extravagant.

It’s reportedly billed as Europe’s most expensive hotel:  “It cost roughly $1.4 billion to build. A stay at this hotel on the Turkish Riviera could run you up to $18,000 per night […]. The spa has a room full of real snow.”

Oh… is that what this is…?


This is insane.  Actual snow inside the hotel that guest can have snowball fights with, lol.  

I’m a little disappointed by how underwhelming the exterior looks though:


I mean sure, it takes “half an hour to cross the pool (by gondola, naturally),” but aside from that it looks like any other generic resort.  It doesn’t really match the elaborate staircase.  Then again, neither does the foyer:

The rooms look pretty impressive though:





*sigh* Life of the rich and fabulous…

source: pinterest


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