The Seven Years Labyrinth

2 Feb






Almost 30 years ago a Japanese custodian sat in front of a large A1 size sheet of white paper ( approximately 33 x 23 inches), whipped out a pen and started drawing the beginnings of diabolically complex maze, each twist and turn springing spontaneously from his brain onto the paper without aid of a computer. The hobby would consume him as he drew in his spare time until its completion nearly 7 years later when the final labyrinth was rolled up and almost forgotten.

Twitter user@Kya7y was recently going through some of her father’s old things when she happened upon the maze and snapped a few photos to share on Twitter.  She was quickly inundated by requests from friends and eventually strangers who had endless questions, the most obvious being: are you making prints!?  

When asked about the man behind the maze, she answered “Where does my father work? At a public university!! In the athletic department!!! As a janitor.”

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

What a work of art.

It’s completely mind-boggling.  I feel like I can spend days on end just looking at this, following paths, and never get bored.  

It’s incredible what people can do with just pen and paper.

source: thisiscolossal & spoon-tamago 


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