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28 Nov

I am so happy all the construction is finally done.  That’s the funny thing about renovations — you revamp one room and suddenly you realize how terrible that new room makes all the other rooms look so it expands from there.  Before you know it, you’re ripping up floorboards tearing down walls , re-piping and re-wiring everything.  And won’t you know it, right when all that work is done, the city decides to change all the water pipes on your street, which means no —  you don’t get any peace and quiet after all.  Waking up to the pounding sounds of jackhammers right outside your bedroom window every morning is not exactly the best way to start the day, especially if your alarm clock still has a few minutes before going off.

Anyways, my point is — after putting this blog on hiatus for long, I got lazy… well that and I started reading again.  It’s terrible;  I really should stop buying books but it’s proving to be quite difficult when I’m finding deals like the entire leatherbound set of Les Misérables, by Victor Hugo, on eBay for €1.50 (CAN$1.50+$7 shipping).

I’ve been meaning to delve into it again anyways since I learned about the upcoming movie.  We had to read it for French class in high school but the version we studied was very much abridged — I don’t think any of the tomes exceeded 100 pages.  It wasn’t a difficult task since the text was so simplified, but my teacher was so keen on making our lives a living hell that the plot went completely over my head.  We could have had so many interesting discussions about the various themes and motivations but instead, she decided to spend every single class of that entire year interrogating us on vocabulary.  It was torture!

I know the movie is based on the musical but it wouldn’t hurt to read it over before watching it.  I’m actually really happy I bought the set because: (1)  it’s adorable and pocket sized, (2) it’s in French and I’ve been meaning to brush up on my French anyways, (3) it’s split into four books.  I almost borrowed the English translation from the library during the summer but the only edition they had available is the one where all 5 volumes are combined in one humongous encyclopedia-sized book — I refuse to lug that thing home through the bus and metro, it just wasn’t going to happen.  The translation was also a bit odd to boot — yes the sentences make sense individually but for some reason it just came off overly stuffy and pretentious, almost as though the translator was throwing words around just for the sake of making it (himself?) seem intelligent.  The French version is actually a lot more straight-forward to read despite a few words here or there that I might not completely understand.  Good thing the chapters are really short.

I’m also reading Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights in-between and I can see why most critics would consider it a classic.  It encompasses a wide range of elements including mystery, horror, betrayal, romance, obsession, loneliness,  and death.  Granted, I cheated a bit by watching the movie first (btw, it’s so weird to hear Tom Hardy use his Bane voice when he’s not Bane.  It’s like an audio visual disconnect for my brain or something because all I could think about was ‘Why does Bane have long scraggly hair and why is he wearing so much cotton?? ‘) since the first two chapters are not what I expected, but from what I’ve read the 2009 movie version is pretty faithful to the book, excluding the horror element.

I’m getting sleepy now but there you go; that’s  a little glimpse of what I’ve been up to for the past few months. =)


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