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20 Oct

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We went to the travel agency yesterday but I’m not quite sure we got the answer we wanted…  The more I think about it, the more I’m confused about their answer.  At first they told us that they’re pretty sure the tour is happening, which of course, isn’t good enough for us at this point.  But after a bit of scrutiny and skepticism from our part, they were telling us that “for sure [we’re] going”, yet they refused to put that in writing on our receipt.  Urgh… why are they making this so complicated?  All we’re looking for is a straight answer — “yes” or “no” — but all they can give us is “pretty sure” and suddenly it’s “Yes, we’re 200% sure.” @_________@;;

Well, not much we can do now… I suppose we can go back tomorrow since we have to get our currency exchanged anyways.  Yes the tour guide is technically suppose to call us tomorrow, but I’m willing to bet anything that that phone call is coming at night.  I just worried that they’ll cancel on us after all the other agencies are closed… if that happens, what are we to do then?

Ahhh~~~  no use worrying now…  Guess I’ll have some cake and dancing  instead. =s


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