Pre-Concert Drama… =______=

18 Oct

Okay, so my friend and I were super excited for the SMTown Live World Tour.  After spending days (weeks?) of debating about whether or not we should go, we bought the tickets online, freaked out over the hotel and the transport, researched like maniacs on our options in the following weeks, debated on a tourist agency, paying for the tour with the agency, renewed my passport, worried about not getting my passport in time because the nice lady at the counter told me it won’t be mailed out until October 11th, received my passport on the same week I got it renewed (freakishly efficient and it wasn’t even October yet), and happily counted down to the big day.  Little did I know, that little break was the calm before the storm.

My friend called me up yesterday in a panic because even though we’ve paid for everything in full amount, the agency still hasn’t confirmed the tour yet.

My reaction:

The concert is this weekend.  THIS WEEKEND.  We paid for everything in full.  What is their problem??

After a few calls, we find out that the reason the agency is so hesitant with the confirmation is because they are hoping for 30 people to join for the tour — right now, they have 27.

Are you kidding me??  Three short??  The entire tour is being held up because they are three people short of expectations?

It’s completely absurd.  My friend’s really worried because it says on the receipt that we won’t be able to get a full refund unless we cancel 7 days prior to the trip but at this point, that little disclaimer means nothing because we are 4 days before the trip and they still can’t confirm that we’re going.  I mean are you kidding me??

So we are going to the agency ourselves tomorrow to see what’s going on.  I know the other two agencies we’ve considered have already confirmed the trip; I think my name is still down for one of them but it’s the most expensive one of the three.  We’ve called the other one so we just have to make sure that there’s still room on the bus.  Yes that is the plan.

On the upside, SNSD’s new MV just came out!!  The song’s pretty catchy, but I think their vocals are stronger in the Korean version as oppose to the English one.  That’s one performance we can count on for Sunday! =D


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