Note to Self — You are a penniless hermit!!

30 Sep

For the rest of the month, I am to avoid shopping malls, boutiques and eBay at all cost — which means from now till my New York trip, I am a hermit.  I will not spend time looking at pretty things that I have no need for because my money will be better spent in New York buying concert merchandise and sustaining myself for that weekend… and maybe for Woodbury, if I have enough money leftover that is…  I really want to get a new wallet (U___U;;).  Oh heck… I’ll keep some money for emergencies and I’m burying my credit and debit card  in the back of my drawers.

Surprisingly, I received my passport in the mail today.  I can’t believe they got it processed so quickly… I went in to get it renewed on Monday and BAM!! — it’s already done.  Guess I was worried for nothing.

Anyways, the hotel and transportation are booked (we’re going on an independent tour with a travel agency); we have a rough idea of what our routing will be like and what we want to see — Times Square, Central Park [?], 5th Avenue, K-Town, Chinatown, Hell’s Kitchen [?], Macy’s, Theater District [?], etc.  It just occurred to me that we should probably work out some sort of plan for Woodbury as well since we’ll only have 3hrs there…

All we’re missing now are the concert tickets, which should be on its way by post…   Ahh~~~  so excited!!


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