Tall Ships on the Quays 2011

27 Sep

I’ve finally gotten around to organizing my photos.  It’s probably a good thing that I blog, otherwise these gorgeous pics would still be trapped in my camera… at least until I run out of space in my memory card; in which case, they’d wind up in one giant folder on my computer until who knows when.

We lucked out because it was a gorgeous day and the lineups to get on board the ships were minimal to none.  It was only until we got to the last two ships that we actually had to wait a bit since the line was for two ships, as oppose to one.

(More photos here.)

Out of all six ships, the Niagara is the biggest and most impressive one, visually speaking — giant canons, huge sails, a roomy lower deck, and plenty of little details that look fantastic both in-person and on-camera; the St.Lawrence II has the most flags, if I remember correctly; the Pathfinder has the cutest little lifeboat and the most regal looking donation box; the Pride of Baltimore II is the most educational of them all since they had signs explaining the history of the ship and charts explaining what each part of the ship is called, and I think it has the biggest helm of them all; the Challenge is the most modern-looking one, and the only ship that didn’t have a stamp for our “passport”; and lastly, the Lynx may not have been the biggest ship at the event but has, inarguably, the coziest lower deck of the six — not only does it have a library and a fireplace, but it also has a few cozy little nooks where you can read and relax.

For those who didn’t pay for boarding the ships, there were plenty of on-going festivities and events in the area.

We missed all of them unfortunately, since our weekend was full but we did catch the end of the concert.  A lot of people who attended the event dressed up as pirates; in fact, we kept running into the same group while we were touring the ships — we even took a few pictures with them.  Needless to say, they were very popular that day.

Maybe we should dress up next year…


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