Toronto Food Adventures

26 Aug

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Restaurants we’ve eaten at/from:

  • Wine Tasting @ Château Des Charmes  — Love the ice wines from 2007!
  • Tour @ The Great Mountain Ginseng Farm — Most expensive ginseng they have = CAD$1867.00
  • Lunch @ Star King Viet Thai Cuisine — My Beef Noodle with Sugarcane Shrimp was really yummy.
  • Browsing @ T&T — Huge selection of cake & sushi.
  • Lunch @ Seoul Soul — The lunch specials are really good deals.
  • Korean BBQ & Sushi @ Chako — Yummy food + free all you can eat desserts!!
  • Dim Sum @ Shangri-La — Very posh environment with a gorgeous garden.
  • Baskin Robbins‘ Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake @ Cousins’ place — The icing… *drools*
  • Brunch & Dinner @ Asian Legend — Highly recommended.
  • Lunch @ King’s Restaurant — Their fried bread sticks are da bomb!  Tendon beef noodle soup’s really good too.
  • Dinner @ Chipotle Mexican Grill — Awesome burritos.
There are also a few places I didn’t name (no idea what those restaurant are called since I forgot to take a business card before leaving) and some I didn’t take food photos of (hunger>photos).

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