I can’t clean my room… (@__@)

22 Aug

I am so exhausted.  First from my trip and now because I just spent the entire weekend cleaning.

I’m so proud of myself right now.  I completely gutted my room and shoved everything into my brother’s room across the hall just so that I can vacuum, Windex and scrub everything.   Then I noticed that the bathtub’s starting to look a little funky so I scrubbed that down as well.  I don’t even know how I’ve accumulated so much paper, plastic bags and water bottles on the floor; I’m not even in school now.  Thank goodness he won’t be back from his New York trip till tomorrow night… he’d probably freak if he saw his room now.  Ah, whatever… I’ll clear everything out by then and vacuum his floor just to make up for it.

Didn’t even have time to organize photos from my trip like I wanted to… and I still have to sift through all the stuff I am and might be keeping…. gah!  This is why I hate cleaning!  I’m an all or nothing kind of girl, dang it!


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