f a m i l y ❤

20 Aug

Back from Toronto!!  Spent the entire day doing laundry and vacuuming, lol.

It’s funny but I don’t think I’ve ever came back home from a trip without buying anything.  This time around we really didn’t have any time to shop but I’m totally fine with it.  We went down with the intention of seeing Waterloo.  My cousin came back from his internship at Ottawa just to show us around and to sort out the house he and his friend are renting this fall, so it all worked out well.  My goodness there’s a lot of geese and ducks there, not to mention land mines!  A lot of trees with weird looking fruits as well.  Got to see the entire campus (so huge), the classrooms, and even most of the buildings.  My cousin’s such a wonderful tour guide; he begins all his explanations with “This ugly building here is ____”, haha!

Anyways, I won’t bore you with the details… the rest of my time was mostly spent with family and bonding with my cousins.  We don’t have any cousins in Montreal, only really old aunts and uncles — many of whom are from my grandmother’s generation.  There are a few who are of my parents generation as well but… well, they’re still old.  Got to hang out with my grand-aunt(?) as well, who is amazingly agile and quick for her age (almost 80, if I remember correctly).  She has so much swag that she got the hostess (at one of the restaurants we went to) to give her not one or two, but a whole stack of coupons for abalone and shark fin dinners!  We also visited a few different cemeteries my relatives who passed away these last few years.

We did some fun things too like visit Casa Loma (huge castle with really cool secret passageways!),  spent a day at Centre Island, took pics of the CN Tower from afar, and explored the woods near my aunt’s house (unfortunately, we couldn’t run across the rocks to the other side of the river since most of them were covered and the current was too strong… not to mention the water looked really murky).  We did attempt to squeeze in some shopping in the downtown and Chinatown area but  mostly, we just ate (a lot — Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese/Thai,  Mexican food), karaoke, played ping pong (feel so bad for my cousin; he probably has a hunchback now since I’m so terrible at the game), played piano and watched anime with my younger cousins.  The week just flew by!

I kind of wonder what life would’ve been like if we lived in Toronto instead of Montreal…


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