Festival Mode & Design 2011 — Part 1

5 Aug

I haven’t been posting much this week since I’m attending the Festival Mode & Design fashion shows.  Similarly to last year, I’ won’t be able to attend all the events but luckily all the ones I am interested in seeing are scheduled for the evening.  I wanted to share my photos but they’re taking forever to upload!  >____<;;

Actually, I still don’t really know how to use my camera so a lot of the photos from Wednesday aren’t even worth uploading…  The results are a little better today since we were right in front of the stage, but we couldn’t stay as long as we wanted since we all felt a little nauseous afterwards.

Don’t get me wrong; it has nothing to do with the clothes.  There were lights all along the side of the catwalk and I think we stood a little too close to them — they were so hot that they were emitting steam, and at one point, there were even sparks shooting out of them! =S  Coupled with the fact that it’s quite humid; we were standing underneath the speakers (felt like the bass was beating non-stop against my chest the entire time); we were completely surrounded by people of all sizes in the crowd; there were 2 very rude people near us who wouldn’t stop smoking (there were children in the crowd, for crying out loud!) — thus, we were lacking some serious oxygen.  We just decided to skip the last two shows at that point, and head inside the mall where there’s air conditioning.  (Note to self: bring a bottle of water for Saturday’s shows)

Anyways, the first half of the videos won’t be posted till the end of the weekend but in case you’re curious, so far I’ve seen:

  • A/H 11-12 BEIGE-MOI (Wednesday)
  • SUZY SHIER (today)
  • FOREVER XXI (today)
Hoping to catch Limité, Le Chateau, Guess, and the closing ceremony tomorrow. =)
[edit] If you want to see pics for the Gaultier show, go to Quan’s Flickrpage — fantastic shots; I wish my camera can pick up such details.  Most of my pics are either really blurry, or you can see the clothes but not the models’ faces (spotlight too bright) =P

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