Pâtisserie de Gascogne

8 Jun

Funniest cake I’ve ever eaten.  I’m not really sure what it’s suppose to be, but my dad saw it over the weekend at Pâtisserie de Gascogne and instantly decided to buy it.  It could pass as a porcupine if the eyes were lower and if there weren’t any mouth or nose drawn on.  I think it’s reminiscent of a Boondocks character, whole my mom thinks it looks like Wyatt from the show 6Teen.  Now that I look at it,  it can also pass for a very cartoon-ish nervous/scared Buddha.

Aesthetics aside, this ice cream cake has 3 layers:  the shell is made of chocolate truffles, the second layer is chocolate ice cream, and the orange center is made of mango sorbet.  I think the sorbet would have been the perfect compliment to the chocolate but the cocoa powder is a bit too overwhelming my liking since I couldn’t really taste the ice cream after eating the shell.  The sorbet is amazing though; you can tell they used real mangoes.

As you can see, I felt a little apprehensive about slicing off the face, so I cut it from the back instead.

In short, as much as I love how goofy this cake looks, I don’t think I will buy it again (instead, I’d go for the giant pear shaped sorbet cake we got for my mom’s birthday, earlier this year — not only did it look like a perfect replica of the fruit complete with a stem and leaf, but the outside was made of pear sorbet and the pit was made of raspberry sorbet).  It does; however, make a fantastic conversation piece for any type of gathering.

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Pâtisserie de Gascogne
1950 boulevard Marcel Laurin
Montréal, Québec, H4R 1J9
Tel: (514) 331-0550


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