point G: Plaisir Gourmand

2 May

Over the weekend, we were making our way down Mount-Royal East and having a very enthusiastic conversation about something when suddenly a very colorful storefront and display window caught our eye and brought our conversation to abrupt halt.  What can I say; we have a weakness for anything sweet and colorful.  Without further ado, we dashed into the quaint little shop to get a closer look at the darling little French confections known as macarons.

I have never tasted macarons before but I have read enough about them from some of the food blogs I follow to know that even though all macaron cookies are are ever made of only the same ingredients (fine almond powder, icing sugar, beaten egg whites, caster sugar and food colouring), achieving the perfect macaroon is a monumentally challenging and difficult task.  The end result should have a thin, smooth eggshell-like crust while being light, firm, not sticky, crumb-free when pieced, slightly chewy and packing a sweet flavorful punch.

From Left to Right: Abricot-Black tea, Lime-Basil, Raspberry-Rosemary, Yuzu, Crème Brulée, and Lavender Blueberry.

By definition, Point G’s macarons definitely fit the bill.  I should warn you though the order in which you eat your macarons does effect its taste especially if you eat one with a milder flavor after one that’s really bold.  For instance, after sampling the Yuzu, and Abricot-Black Tea one, I couldn’t taste the raspberry in the Raspberry-Rosemary macaron; the filling tasted like the cookie.  It was only until after I tried the Lavender Blueberry and went back to the raspberry one that I could taste the jam.

Would I go back?

If my wallet permits, then sure !  I would love to taste all 22 flavors (and buy another Yuzu since it’s only available for a limited time — such a shame since it’s by far my favorite out of the six that we bought) as well as every thing else they specialize in.  After all, if the ‘G’ in Point G is derived fromtheir specialities — “gaufres, glacés, and gourmandises” (waffles, ice cream, and gormandises) — then you better believe they’re just as, if not more, spectacular as their macarons .

Yuzu: available for a limited time, this macaron is made as part of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami relief movement. A portion of its proceeds will go to the Canadian Red Cross. (More info here.)

The 22 flavours of Point G's macarons.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

Point G
1266 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est
Montréal,  Québec, H2J 1Y4
Tel:  (514) 750-7515


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