The Great Escaped Turned Suicidal

1 May

This weekend, five of my aloe plants decided to uproot themselves and commit mass-suicide by plunging into the heater. I think we need to get a bigger flower pot; the darn things won’t stop having babies!  Then again, it could be that they’ve contorted themselves into such awkward shapes that they’ve finally lost their balance and tipped over.  Look at the one at the bottom left corner; it looks like a shrimp!  How did it get to such a grotesque state, you ask?

We use to rotate the flower pot once every two or three weeks but forgot to do so over the winter.  By the time we realized this, the aloes were leaning so far towards the window that they started falling out of the pot!  One of them nearly caught on fire and would have burned our house down if my mom wasn’t in the kitchen catching up on some series that night, two months ago.  She thought she smelled something burning but none of our stoves or ovens were turned on.  It was only after a bit of investigating that she found one of the aloe plants on top of the heater, with scorched roots and leaves.

Luckily, the heater wasn’t on this time around since the weather’s been so great for the past few days so no worries; no one got hurt — well, except for my silly plants.


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