Oh me oh my ~

8 Apr

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I know I haven’t written anything interesting for a while now.  I’m kind of going through a not-quite quarter-life crisis, so to speak.  If only I have a time machine to zap myself into the future to see what may come so I can come back to the present with certainty that everything will work out in the end — or better yet, prevent certain potentially life-altering things from happening.  Ahh!  Where’s Doraemon when you need him?

Sometimes, I think it’s a bit ironic… in the past, women have fought long and hard for the liberties we have today yet lately I’ve been thinking that life would be a lot simpler if we didn’t have options and alternatives.  All these choices and possibilities are so confusing.  Or maybe I’m just over-thinking and making things a lot more complicated then it needs to be…  It’s quite obvious when you’ve chosen the wrong path, but how do you know if the one you’re on is right one?


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