I Love Getting Mail <3

28 Feb

After almost 2 months of waiting, we finally received my uncle (my mother’s younger brother)’s package from his tour around China!  A little ironic since he was asking my mom about it last night.   (“You still didn’t get it yet?  Did it get stolen or something?  I sent it out at the beginning of  February!”)

Anyways, I only went through one folder from the first disk so that we can confirm that they didn’t get damaged (he just sent them in a regular envelope without any bubble wrap), and my gosh… the scenery is absolutely breathtaking.  Of course, it helps that he’s a professional photographer but even so… just wow.

After my grandmother passed away, he decided that he wanted to spend some time traveling and despite his siblings concerns, he was determined to backpack through China on his own for 3 months (yes, all those lines and arrows on the map are his routing; he started from his home in Hong Kong).  Luckily, he didn’t get attacked by thieves, pirates, or bears nor did he fall off a cliff on some remote mountain around the Himalyas.

Obviously, I can’t share all the photos (4 DVDs worth of pics, not to mention wordpress is painstakingly slow with image uploads) but here are a few ones from Tibet that I particularly love:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really, really, really want to go there now.  After I go to Europe though, since I’ve never even flown over that  continent yet, much less set foot on it.


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