‘Tis the season to be baking ❤

28 Dec

This weekend was pretty eventful, if I do say so myself:

  • Christmas Eve:  Last minute shopping rush, hot pot dinner at home, and baking chocolate chip cookies
  • Christmas:  Baking gingerbread cookies, simple lunch, lazying about, Christmas feast, decorating cookies
  • Boxing Day:  Dim Sum brunch with relatives, shopping at Carrefour Laval
  • Dec. 27:  Dim Sum brunch with cousins from Toronto, grocery shopping at Costco, dinner with family friends
  • Today:  More shopping around Downtown.

I’m quite surprised at my Boxing Day/Week haul this year since I have, literally, never found anything worth buying on Boxing Day in previous years.  This time around, when the stores claim to have sales, they really mean it — none of that buy one, get one half off non-sense they had in the past (because let’s face it, sometimes it’s hard enough finding  one item that you like during sales, let alone finding something else in the same store just for the sake of having a bigger discount).

I think I’ll list out all my purchases either on the weekend or sometime next week since all my new clothes are in the hamper right now.

Anyways, I’m rambling.  The point of this post is to show off my cookies so here they are!!

We started out a lot more than this, but over half the batches either got eaten or were boxed before these photos were taken.  Hah! Even my brother agrees that it’s pretty obvious who decorated which, but see if you can guess which ones I did, lol.

I’ll post up the answer later on this week. 😉


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