Deathly Hallows: Part 1 — Movie Review

21 Nov

So how is Deathly Hallows, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you this much — it’s hands down my favorite Harry Potter film to date!  The pacing is perfectly executed, the special effects are really cool, the CG is really well done, the animation (love, love, love!!!) is totally unexpected, the script is fantastic (it’s extremely faithful to the book, in fact, I don’t think they left anything out), and the emotional aspect… omgosh.. what can I say other than that it’s absolutely brilliant!!

And can I just say that Nick Moran, the actor who plays Scabior the Snatcher, has really strong screen-presence for someone who doesn’t have a lot of lines?  According to mugglenet, a lot of  his scenes ended up on the cutting board in order to preserve the PG-13 rating because they were deemed to be too gory:

“The scenes I did were really, really dark, really, really dark, but when I went to see them they cut some of the worst bits out, and I was talking to producer David Heyman, saying, ‘Oh no, why’s that gone?’ He said, apparently it was like watching Saw.”

Seems kind of stupid if you ask me since this is a movie about war.  While we’re on the subject, I also thought that Bellatrix’s torturing was a bit tamed as well given how insane she’s suppose to be, but meh… it’s more of a blimp of  annoyance in light of everything else.

I’m not gonna say anything more beyond this since fans already know the plot, and most probably want to judge it for themselves, but I am definitely going  to do a Harry Potter DVD marathon before seeing the final film.

Gah!!  Why did I buy the first 3 DVDs?  The packaging isn’t even consistent; the first two came in this beautiful box/case that folds out; and then there’s POA — in a regular, boring DVD case =_____=;;

Urgh… should have waited for the full collector’s boxset.  Unless… anyone wanna take them off my hands?

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

PS — This scene did not disappoint:



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