No pumpkin? No problem.

23 Sep

I don’t like mice, but this is such a creepy/cool idea.  It would look incredibly realistic in the dark too.  But for those of you who find carving pumpkins a hassle (or a waste, if you don’t eat pumpkins to begin with) here are a few creative alternatives:

Ghosts Jugs - I suppose any white jugs would work. Just make sure the candle inside isn't high enough to get blown by the wind since the flame could melt the jug if it touches it. Although... that might make a pretty cool effect...

Pumkin, Ghosts, and Demon Jars - You can use any jars that you have at home. Just wrap and decorate them with colorful tissue paper from the dollar store and put a candle or Christmas lights inside.

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins - So cute. Great if you have scraps of fabric lying around.

Mini Pumpkin Bags - Perfect for Halloween parties.


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