Disney’s Tangled: Part 4 – “Double Tower” Viral Ad

15 Sep

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Why, Disney?  Why oh why would you do such a thing?  This is the first part to a trial online viral marketing campaign that is in the works.  Frankly, this scares me.  Why does Disney feel like it must resort to this to get the word out and to gain audiences?  It upsets me to think that this is how little confident and respect they have for this  film.  The whole thing reeks of desperation; it cheapens the entire movie; and it’s completely irrelevant to the actual film itself.  So why, Disney?  Why??

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In case you’ve missed it:

Disney’s Tangled: Part 1 – Official Poster & Trailer

Disney’s Tangled: Part 2 – Concept Art

Disney’s Tangled: Part 3 – Creating the Look


2 Responses to “Disney’s Tangled: Part 4 – “Double Tower” Viral Ad”

  1. PurrFectionista 09/16/2010 at 9:37 am #

    That was annoying as hell. Not really from Disney, was it? I liked the guy’s voice in the trailer but here, I’m starting to dislike the sound of it. He sounds high… I get that that was the point — to make it funny. I feel embarrassed having watched that vid. >_<

    ~ Your Best Friend


    • ComatoseBunny 09/17/2010 at 1:20 pm #

      Unfortunately, it is… It’s the first viral ad from a whole series that they’re going to release in the upcoming months. *sigh* Let the nightmare begin…


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