Make No Mistake — This Is A Man’s Movie

13 Aug

My first thought upon seeing The Expendables‘ poster for the first time – “My God, that’s a lot of testosterone in one movie…”
Immediate subsequent thought –  “I feel so sorry for the idiots going against these guys because they are going to die hard.  LOL!!”

FYI the poster I saw when I learned about this movie for the first time is the one with the skull and weapons.  I didn’t even know that Bruce Willis is in it so yes — now that it’s confirmed, that pun I made all those months ago is totally intentional now.  I mean even their trailer is a declaration of war:

In the words of Josh Tyler:

The Expendables contains no romantic subplot. The closest it gets to romance is in the decision to help a girl because she’s pretty, and even then it’s only because protecting girls is what real Men do. When one of the Expendables wants to say I love you, he does it by beating up a bunch of other dudes. Expendables is a movie for men. […]

“Every second of The Expendables howls caveman; it screams muscles, and sweat, and grit. You’ll never see any of the Men in this movie in a Toyota Prius. They ride motorcycles whenever possible. If one of these Men needs drive a four-wheeled vehicle, then that vehicle must be a vintage pickup which growls with unseen power as it prowls down the road. Their guns blaze across the screen with a throaty, manly noise. Every bullet fired is like the roar of a lion, echoing across the savanna. But technology is never used, by anyone, when muscles will do. Why fire off a rocket, when you can hurl missles at your enemies using only the power of your bulging forearm? Characters grunt their lines at the screen, they wear their manhood on their sleeve. If someone gets a tattoo, they get it while sitting on a motorcycle, because while tattoos are manly chairs are for sissies. When the Expendables need to relax, they don’t rent a movie. They drink beer and hurl sharp objects at a wall, because that’s what a Man would do. When one of the Expendables screws up these Men fight it out, these Men may even try to kill each other, and then these Men forget about it, drink up, and move on. Emotion is as irrelevant as pain. They know the code. Men stick together. It’s not a façade, it’s not some act, these are simply Men, and the Expendables behave the way they do because that’s what a Man would do.”

Haha, I know what I’m watching next Tuesday. xD

Read the rest of this amusing review here.


2 Responses to “Make No Mistake — This Is A Man’s Movie”

  1. Henery Schaffer 08/13/2010 at 10:20 am #

    Do you do blogroll exchanging? If you want to exchange links let me know.

    Email me back if you’re interested.


    • theComatoseBunny 08/16/2010 at 7:46 pm #

      Sorry, not at the moment. But thanks for asking, I’m glad you like this blog 🙂


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