Festival Mode & Design 2010

7 Aug

Just finished uploading pics from Day 3 of the 10th Annual Festival Mode & Design. Omg… I am so drained.  No wonder journalists and photographers have a whole herd of assistants during these types of events; it’s incredibly hard to multi-task and do it all on your own.  I was so focused on taking photos that I’m only really seeing the close now as I upload them online; I’d probably be able to write a more accurate report of the shows otherwise… Gosh, I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like for the people hosting these fashion shows…

Haha, I absolutely love it though.  The energy, the lights, the music, the people and the rush… Anyways, I saw Point Zero, Défilé de la Diversité Corporelle: Fashion For All Shapes and Sizes,  La Baie, and Forever21’s show today.  Here’s a few random pics:

No wonder this area is so heavily guarded...

Models taking a break between shows

Dancing in stilts while lugging around a giant heavy purse? Now that's dedication...

Cutest thing ever!! <33

More later.  Right now, need sleep since it’s… holy smokes… 4am…


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