Wardrobe Warzone

2 Mar

Ever had one of those days where you look at your closet and you think to yourself “Urgh… I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!” and wind up spending an hour trying to find something that looks somewhat decent together, only to walk out of the house in jeans and a t-shirt?

Personally, I like dressing up — because lets face it, who doesn’t enjoy feeling pretty — but more often than not, it’s just so time consuming, especially if you’re a girl/woman.  Let me break it down for you:

  • Skirt, pants (wide leg/skinny leg), shorts, capris, jeans, dress…?
  • T-shirt, cute but not too fancy shirt, shirt dress,dress shirt, blouse, cami, tank top, sweater, sweater dress..?
  • Vest, cardigan, blazer, bolero…?
  • Trench coat, pea coat, wrap coat,  parka, bomber, poncho, windbreaker…?
  • Watch, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, belt…?
  • High heels, kitten heels, sandals, open toe dress heels, tall boots, ankle boots, running shoes, sneakers, ballet flats…?

And I didn’t even go into color, cut, material, or texture!

Oie… I really think I need organize my closet.  I finally took a real good look at it this weekend and realized that 3/4 of the stuff in there doesn’t even belong to me; it belongs to my grandmother who passed away almost 4 years ago.  We just never got around to clearing her things since we didn’t feel right throwing any of it out but I guess it’s really time to sort out some of it and think about which organization we want to donate them to.

So did I leave anything out of the list?  How do you go about organizing your closet — by season, color, texture, type, mood, or it is your closet just creative chaos (a.k.a. messy, but you know where everything is)?  What do you do with clothes that you no longer want or fit — donate them or sell them in a garage sale/eBay?


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