Figure Skating – Free Skating (Men)

19 Feb

LOL!  It’s barely been a few minutes since Evan Lysachek‘s been announced as the winner and already people are spamming the Facebook comment box of the official Olympics  results page like crazy xD.  Personally, I think he deserves the gold simply because his performance was more solid than Evengi Plushenko‘s.

In terms of choreography/routine, I think I prefer Plushenko’s to Lysachek’s.  Plushenko managed to finish all his jumps a minute before the time limit and really had fun with what’s left with his routine afterwards.  It was pretty nerve-racking to watch since there were 2 jumps where anyone with lesser experience would have fallen; I don’t even know how managed to pull himself out of it since his ankle wasn’t even positioned properly for the landing — it was in a really awkward angle but he recovered from it like it was nothing.

I love how the camera just zoomed right into a close-up of Lysachek after Plushenko’s routine was over.  Lysacheck’s expression was just priceless — he looked like the was just in awe.  He was so giddy when he found out he won, jumping around and hugging everyone like a little kid 🙂


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