Figure Skating: Men (Short Program)

17 Feb

Gah!! I can’t believe CTV didn’t air it until 9pm… I mean I’m all for the fact that we beat Norway in Men’s Hockey (GO CANADA!!), but really… a victory of 8-0 isn’t really much of a victory, is it? I mean there was just no competition. Anyways, because they chose to air the hockey match instead, I ended up missing the first two-thirds of the Men’s Figure Skating Short Program. So disappointing because I really wanted to see Daisuke Takahashi‘s routine.

Ah well… at least I got to see Patrick Chan‘s performance. I have to say, I really like his routine; it was a tango, so there was a lot of hip movements and fancy footwork, with an abundance of twists and turns.  He was kinda stiff at the beginning but he really started to let go and threw himself into it about 1/3 of the way through it. Such shame that he slipped and ended a second after the music finished; otherwise  he could have ranked 6th. But still… GO CANADA!! WOOT!! Lol.

I’m a little confused by the order that they aired it in, though. The first routine that they showed was Evgeni Plushenko, followed by Brian Joubert, Takahiko Kozuka, and so on which doesn’t really make sense since Plushenko is suppose to the the 10th contestant to skate tonight while Joubert is 21st according to this schedule.

Anyways in terms of the routines I’ve seen, my favorites are definitely Johnny Weir (US), Michal Brezina(Czech Republic), and Evan Lysacek (USA)’s.

Johnny Weir‘s costume immediately caught my eye when I first saw it between the breaks of the competition; it’s so bright and eccentric — I love it. His routine was just wow; it was really tango-ish so there was a lot of attitude and flourishes. He was one of the few who really had fun with his routine; he was so fluid and flexible in his movements. But what I really loved about his performance is the fact that he stayed true to his character and remained charismatic from beginning to end.

Michal Brezina‘s routine was a joy to watch as well — so jazzy and tap dance-y. I wish he could have relaxed a little… it was such a fun,upbeat and energetic routine; I think it would have made a huge difference if he smiled a bit.

As for Evan Lysacek, let me just say — this guy really knows how to put on a show. He really let himself loose out there; his movements are so big and intense… gosh, all this moves are so clean and done so precisely — it’s just crazy. Not only is he an excellent skater, he’s an excellent dancer as well. I actually prefer his routine to Evgeni Plushenko‘s, eventhough the latter ended up with the highest score of the evening at a whopping 90.85. Lysacek’s routine had a bit more pizazz. Plushenko’s routine was more of a technical one that was excellently executed.

Gah, can’t wait till the Free Skating event on Thursday! At this point, I think Patrick Chan’s in it for the experience because let’s be realistic, there is just no way he can beat Evgeni Plushenko at this point; that guy’s like a fricken’ God in this competition right now. Considering that this is Patrick Chan’s first time at the Olympics, it’s pretty awesome that he’s ranking in 7th right now. I love that the announcers kept bringing up his name and comparing all the competitors skating after him to him. Yes, as Canadians, we’re all super proud of him but seriously, give the guy a break!! You don’t wanna wind up psyching him out with all these words of encouragement. xD



PPS – Yes, I know; I’m a hypocrite but I have too much Canadian pride to just omit that. =P


One Response to “Figure Skating: Men (Short Program)”

  1. Your Best Friend 09/12/2010 at 11:58 pm #

    He shares the same name as somebody I know. *wink wink*

    If that’s him in the picture, I really like this shirt.


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