Happiness 101

10 Feb

Seriously, why complicate things for yourself?  Sometimes if you find yourself unhappy, just take a step back and look at the big picture to see what the source of the problem is.  Attack the issue head-on and voilà, problem solved.  Save yourself a lot of heartache and headache, not to mention it’ll save you and all those around you a lot of grief.

I would know… had to learn that the hard way in the last few weeks.  Granted, sometimes these things are easier said than done.  In some instances, you’d find yourself wondering where to the line between being hard-headed/stubborness and being just plain selfish/self-centered, especially when the issue concerns your future and your family.  More often than not though, your family holds your best interest at heart but don’t know how to effectively communicate that and wind up giving the wrong message.  Sometimes, listening — and I mean really listening, with no prior preconception or judgement of the issue at hand — is a lot harder than you can imagine; this is especially the case when you love someone so much that you want to shield them from all the bad things in the world.  It’s so easy to forget that this fear of failure, of things that may or may not potentially go wrong, can only hinder the path the success and happiness.

Sometimes, it’s okay it fall and get hurt — this does not mean that you’ve failed in life or as a person.  You only truly fail once you give up on yourself.  You shouldn’t be ashamed of the scars, cuts and bruises you get along the way because these are your battlescars.  Wear them proud for without them, your success wouldn’t mean as much. =)


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