Doraemon Series Finale

28 Jan

Growing up, Doraemon (fondly known as 叮噹) has always been one of my favorite shows.  Even now as an adult, I still can’t get over how incredibly visionary some of the themes and gadgets are…  How awesome would it be to have a time machine, 竹蜻蜓  (bamboo-copter?), 翻譯麵包 (bread that once eaten, will enable you to understand and speak any language of the universe — apparently, it’s known as konjac jelly in the original Japanese version), or even a 空氣炮 (air pressure cannon)?

Gosh… I remember going to the video store every Sunday, after Chinese school, so see if they have any new episodes or movies to rent.  At one point, I even dragged my mom to 2 or 3 different video rental places just to be sure I got every single episode or movie available.   I never did get to watch the very first ep where Doraemon and 大雄/Nobita first met… I’m actually wondering whether or not such an episode even exists or if it’s only available on manga.

I remember looking up Doraemon on Wikipedia when I was really bored one day, about a year or two, and was absolutely devastated by so called “Series Finale Rumors“.  A part of me died — no joke, I am not kidding — when I read the version where all of the Doraemon adventures are nothing but delusions of a sick and dying autistic Nobita, who used his imagination to ease his pain and  depression.  I was just so shocked and upset by that, I actually cried.

Hiroshi Fujimoto, the creator of the series, never did get to complete the series due to his unfortunate passing from liver failure, but I’d like to think that the ending goes something like this fan-made version:

Here’s another fan-made version that I particularly love.  It was made by a class of animation students in China last year.   I can only catch a few words though since my Mandarin isn’t that great, but there’s no denying that the results are pretty cool.


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