dead tired X___x

3 Dec

Can’t believe I actually made it through this week, much less this semester!!  This week has been such a crazy week… gosh… my Marketing Research class alone was enough to kill me.  Long story short, we fell behind schedule and half the group wouldn’t cooperate the night before it was due; this other group member and I were outraged and freaking out since we both thought that we were all going to stay at school until the project is finnished, regardless of how long it would take, but noOoooo…  Bah!!  Whatever… it’s over!!!  Muhahaha!!  All I have left now are: group meeting for my DRM class on Sunday, Poli Sci paper due on Dec. 21st, Econ exam on the Dec. 22nd,  Poli Sci exam on the Dec. 23, and I’m done!!!


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