The Gift of Giving

22 Nov

It is so incredibly painful to have to wake up at 7am on a Sunday; even more so when you know you can’t just slam your alarm off and just drift off to sleep, pretending that it never rang in the first place because you’ve made a commitment that you can’t back out of without feeling/confirming like you’re a horrible person that will one day rot in hell for being so selfish. Haha, okay… a little over-dramatic there… but really… I was so tempted to tell my teacher that i can’t volunteer this week when we had class on Thursday, but he ended spending the first 5 to 10 minutes trying to convince more people to sign up because he may have to cancel it all together if he can’t get enough of us to help. He’s been raising money to help out unfortunate families for many years now; last year, he managed to raise enough money to provide Christmas for 40 families so we’re aiming for 41 this year in addition to 110 kids. Those families have been identified by the St. Vincent de Paul Society, which I believe has something to do with churches…? Yah… needless to say, backing out wasn’t really an option.

Well anyways, woke up this morning feeling like I got trampled over by a herd of elephants, and wondering “Why the hell was I thinking when I signed up for a Sunday morning slot?”  Anyways long story short: bumped into Sabi at the metro, ended up missing out stop and had to ride back, arrived at Zellers  but didn’t see anyone from my class, found out from a staff there that they’ve moved our schedule down to begin at 11am instead of 10am because they didn’t have enough cashiers that early in the morning, started on writing the script with S, chit-chatted with teacher when he arrived, and thus my volunteering as a bag girl started, lol.

Surprisingly, it turns out I’m a lot better at this than I thought… so many people gave me $5 bills!!  I was so surprised at how generous some of the people are.  I only had one person ask me how can she verify that we’re raising money for  a legitimate cause, but she ended up throwing some change in my bucket anyways.  I even had someone dump all their coins in!   My teacher came by a few times to collect bills/refill our free candy supply.  I don’t really know how many $5 bills I had but it was definitely over $80 worth!!

Spoke to a few classmates afterwards and it turns out I collected a lot compared to everyone else.  Most of them only got like one or 2 $5 bills, many didn’t even get one… No wonder why my teacher kept asking me whether or not I put them in myself =P.  Sabi’s boyfriend was soOooOo jealose, haha!!  He was helping out with the bagging at the cash register in front of mine but his customers were stingy…  Actually, it might have been because of his technique, since he gave his customers candy and chocolate first and then asked for a donation; they probably felt like they’ve been cornered so yah… not the best way to go about this… lol.

All in all, it was fun!!  Granted, some of the customers are complete a-holes and refused to donate anything unless I spoke to them in French… stupid politics… There were quite a few people who I thought wouldn’t donate, but I proven wrong on several occasions, which is pretty cool.  Some of the children are soOoooOoo cute… I gave a candy cane to this one kid, and he kept waving half of it at me while he was eating the other half, and looked so disappointed when I told him to save it for himself =).  Anyways, I’m really really impressed by the turn-out… if it wasn’t for projects, presentations, and exams, I would’ve signed up for next week as well…

Life quote of the day: “The most precious thing you can give someone is your time.”


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