Tempations… Temptations…

16 Nov


What is it called when drug-addicts are going cold-turkey, but inadvertently fall back into their addiction?  It’s not relapse… urgh.. what the word??  Anyways, whatever it is, I have it.  After working for months and having a steady flow income every single week since the summer, I fear I may have gotten addicted to shopping.  Well, not really the act of shopping itself; it’s more like the thrill of finding and purchasing I love and the anticipation of getting to wear/use it.  It’s not like I haven’t tried to be good… I do my laundry once a week, so I always wait a week before cutting the tags.  This serves three purposes:

  1. I’m ensuring that it wasn’t an impulse purchase, and that I’m not gonna end up with a bunch of crap that I will never use/wear because I didn’t really like/need it that much anyways.
  2. It gives me time to think about whether or not I can really afford it, budget-wise.
  3. I can physically mix & match it with what I already do own, and see whether or not I actually like it since things always look shinier and prettier in the store… especially if someone else was also eye-ing the same item as you were.

Another reason why I stick by this method is because I actually like to shop alone.  It’s really therapeutic since I can spend as much time as I want in a store; I can take my time to look at every individual pieces or I can take a quick stroll around the store and leave once I determined that I won’t find anything I like there.  The only downfall with this is that I have to rely on my own intuition to determine whether or not what I’ve chosen is a good buy, which is why it’s good to shop with one or two friends in toll; the drawback to this though, is that I may end up having so much fun that I’ll be tempted to overspend.

Take last Thursday for instance.  I initially planned to go straight home to study for my exam tomorrow, but one phone call from my best friend reminded me that we never did use the Aeries A-List Card to redeem our monthly free gift.  So what happened when we finally did go?  We passed by a whole bunch of stores and I got a glimpse of all the new lines they have; it made me realize how much I love and miss shopping; eventhough it’s only been – what… a few weeks? – since I’ve last shopped.  Seriously, how depressing is that?  I find out about all these Family&Friends sales happening on the weekend, and I can’t go to a single one of them because:

  1. I splurged over the last few months and can’t afford to spend anymore
  2. I think I’m starting/am being replaced at work since I’ve complained a few times to my boss about my busy schedule (exams and group projects)
  3. I HAVE TO STUDY!!!!

*Sigh*  Stupid exam… stupid weather… How am I suppose to focus when all I can think of is how perfect this sunny weather is for shopping???


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