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22 Apr

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Orphan Black — S01 Review

22 Apr


I am addicted to Orphan Black. This is a show I’ve heard many good things about but never got around to watching until the last  3 days.  I knew from the commercials that it’s a show about cloning but what I didn’t expect is how completely unprepared I was, because it is nothing short of phenomenal.  Those of you looking for something new to watch show be for-warned about this one – the re-watch factor is high. The show is sleek, hilarious, endearing, dark, and thrilling all at the same time, yet I can’t compare this to anything I’ve seen. One minute you’re charmed by bantering, the next minute you’re a nervous wreck gripping the edge of your seat in fearful suspense.  The show is a perfect tease of tropes and archetypes – sometimes it plays into it, sometimes it’s completely off-the-charts-bonkers in the most delightful way.

The best thing about Orphan Black is that the writers didn’t set out to write the main character, Sarah Manning, as a woman or a feminist. They wrote her as a human being with proper depth and motivations, who, incidentally, just so happens to be woman, a mother, a clone, and a badass (I’m only using the protagonist, Sarah, as an example since this applies pretty much to all the clones, minus the mother part).  I can’t write much beyond this without dropping massive spoilers; however, another thing that I’d like to praise is how fascinating it is to see the clones physically and verbally interact with each other (and believe me, it happens more often than you would think), not only due to the technology behind accomplishing such a task but also because the clones are so drastically different from one another. So much so that it’s easy to forget they’re all clones of each other, much less clones played by the same actress.


Sure it’s easy to attribute this to make-up and wardrobe (btw, friggin’ love the clothes on this show) but those to do so simply have not seen Tatiana Maslany in action. Dual roles are mentally and physically demanding for anyone, but there aren’t many who can pull it off as half as convincingly as Maslany does – keep in mind, she plays… multiple (yes, lets just go with multiple) fully fledged characters – so major kudos to her!  The subtle differences in mannerism, posture, accents and speech patterns all done so succinctly that I can’t help but wonder why she’ s not a household name yet. Still don’t believe me? You need to watch a scene of her being a clone impersonating another clone.  I can’t even call her an actress because that woman is a chameleon.

In the pre-season two special, Orphan Black: The Cloneversation, Maslany explains her process a bit when she talks about learning her characters’ internal rhythm and how “if you change the song that’s inside of you, it changes how you walk, how you express yourself, how you speak; even your dialect changes.”  She tells the host that having a fantastic cast to work with also helps immensely: “As a actor you respond to what you’re given, [...]. The dynamic is inherent because of how the actors respond to me,” and she could not be more right about that.

I wish I would find a better photo but this show is so visual to begin with, it’s near impossible to find one of the entire season one cast without leaking spoilers.


The entire cast has the type of natural chemistry that is rarely achieved before a show’s second or third season.  I love that all secondary characters actually interact and create bonds unique to each other.  This is certainly not a show where girls fight over boys (which is refreshing given its predominantly male cast), nor is this a show where viewers get battered over the head with endless rounds of  exposition after exposition.  If actions speak louder than words, then show-runners of Orphan Black have mastered the art this medium.  The serial would rather let viewers formulate our own opinions rather than waste time telling us what to think, how to feel, or who to root for in this giant conspiracy.


I rarely give a show such a high rating, but season 1 of Orphan Black gets at least a 9.5/10. The casting is perfectly done. The characters are so multifaceted and complexly written that as a viewer, you can’t help but second-guess the plot-twists at every turn, only to be delighted when things go completely off course. The best description that I’ve come across in regards to the writing is that the show is “[taking] the fiction out of science fiction,” as cast member Dylan Bruce proudly describes. The dialogues are sassy and to the point; the sets are extremely diverse… Did I also mention that this show takes place in Toronto? (“Scarborough? That’s practically local!”) Many big production television shows and Hollywood films have been shot in Canada but little to none of them actually take place here plot-wise, so it’s especially thrilling to get a shout-out like that.

Simply put, this show does not play around. Those of you who have seen it will undoubtedly agree that the re-watch factor is high – the show is fast paced (no fillers), highly suspenseful, funny, and endearing all at the same time. As for those of you who haven’t experienced this yet (whatareyouwaitingforthisshowiseffinamazing), I highly recommend you put aside an entire weekend to do so because you won’t be able to stop yourself from binging the entire season (10 episodes) from the get-go. This is the type of show where if you don’t get hooked from the first 10 minutes (and I’m being overly generous here since most people are already reeled from the 3 minute mark) then this is probably not your cup of tea since things will only snowball from there. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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FYI:  Season 2 just began over Easter Weekend.

Writers of the show have confirmed that “season 2 is like season 1 on crack” –

I certainly hope so because the final few seconds of the latest ep. me cheering ecstatically.

Will Wheaton chats to the writers of Orphan Black on The Cloneversation

FOOD ART by Samantha Lee

21 Apr

By all mean, never stop playing with your food.

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Blood Moon

17 Apr

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I really wanted to catch the lunar eclipse on Tuesday but it was raining all night morning.

Guess I’ll have to wait till October.

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Et cetera… et cetera…

17 Apr

blah blah blah

It’s been a hell of a long time since my last post and A LOT of things have happened since then.

Firstly, my best friend since second grade got ENGAGED!!!  I am so friggin’ excited!!  I went with her for her fitting and I love how the dress looks from the back.  I don’t know how I feel about the front though since it needs a lot of tailoring but the back is gorgeous.  I haven’t decided what type of dress I’m wearing as her maid of honour since she’s leaving that to me but I think I may have to drag the best woman along (yes, the best friend of the groom is a woman) so we won’t clash too much.

Secondly, I bought a new laptop and phone recently, coupled with my Kobo Glo that I got a few months back and I suddenly find myself with more tech than I know what to do with.

While I love my new phone, finding non-invasive Android Apps is a huge friggin’ pain in the you-know-what.  It seems like I can’t even download a simple calculator without it granting it irrelevant access to other things like my camera or my contact list (why the hell would I allow a calculator app permission to take random photos as it pleases without my knowledge, or worse — track me via GPS?).  I think it took me something like 3 weeks just to find all the basic apps I need.  (I can make an Android app post if anyone is interested; let me know in the comments.)

The laptop I was previously using (yes, the one I screwed-up) was running on Windows XP so the culture shock from that to Windows 8 is monumental, as you would expect.  It took me almost a week long to set everything up but the best part of it is, I can finally play around with Adobe’s CS6 Suite!!  I’ve been wanting to dabble with Flash for the longest time but my old laptop could not handle it.  (I just realised, I had that HP for almost 8 years now :s  I was having problems with it way before I opened it up.  It was over heating like crazy —  even when I was just browsing the web — to the point where I can’t use it without an external fan hooked up underneath it, or risk it freezing on me.  I never tested this, but I suspect I could fry an egg if I cracked one on top of the keyboard.)  I’ve been also experimenting with Dreamweaver and although it’s somewhat similar to Microsoft Front Page, there’s a lot of functions I’ve never seen before so it’s gonna be fun figuring out what everything does.  I’ve also come to realize that I’m a bit rusty on my coding since WordPress is so user friendly, lol.

On that note, I actually wondering what I should do with this website.  One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging as much, aside from busting my computer, is because prior to the provincial election that took place recently, all I want to do is write about ignorant and embarrassing our (now previous) Quebec Premier, Pauline Marois, is — it really takes some special skill to make so many people simultaneously look bad but thankfully, she has lost her post in the most spectacular fashion, and thus my faith in humanity has been rightfully restored.  Over the years, I’ve established a certain tone with this blog and I’m not sure how I feel about changing thing up to by writing about more serious topics.  Even though some of my TVB reviews do get a little heated at times, they are constructive criticism of something I enjoy, which is watching TV.  The transition from that to writing about politics, technology and feminism seems a little jarring next to pictures of vacation-bucketlists, cute animals, and whatever random fancies of the day.

Another thing is, I never realized until recently that this blog has ads since my ad blocker filters out everything.  I never wanted ads on my website since it was never my intention to make money off this website — aside from my “ramblings” and reviews, none of the material I post up belongs to me anyway so it feels iffy to make money off material that isn’t even mine.  I’m debating whether or not I just buy a domain but that means  I’ll also need a good name for it.  The problem is, I”m terrible with names and my content is so diverse that I wouldn’t even know what to call it. :s

Anyone got any suggestions?

Concrete Jungle

28 Jan

graffiti; street art

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22 Jan

 Photographer: Giuliano BekorSource: piccsy


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