Quote of the Day: Victoria Erickson

14 Jan

Victoria Ericksonsource: pinterest

Seepage in Sandstone

19 Dec

red sailboat

Iron and manganese seepage creates streaks on a
sandstone wall on Lake Powell in Utah, July 1967.

+ + + + + + + + + + + +

LOL!  I initially read the word seepage as “see·page”.   Only after did I look it up that I realized it’s “seep·age” — as in: the wall was seeping out iron and manganese.  Now it makes more sense.

Darn it, I was so excited to learn a new word.  :p

Photograph by Walter Meayers Edwards, National Geographic

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

17 Dec

march of santas

This is probably because I just watched it on the weekend, but this photo makes me think of that movie with Arnold Swartze   Jingle All the Way.

The best Christmas movie though is still Die Hard.  Wait no, it’s tied with While You Were Sleeping because that one is adorable and never gets old.  I forgot that Gremlins is a Christmas movie as well until I watched it over the weekend; it’s a lot more hilarious now than it was when I watched it as a child (I use to have nightmares about that swimming pool scene).

Oh!!  I don’t know how many of you have seen this year’s SpongeBob Squarepants Christmas Special last night but when I saw the commercial for it and realized it’s done in stop-motion, I knew I couldn’t miss it.  The set is actually a lot bigger than I thought it is:

I didn’t mean for this to turn into an impromptu Christmas movies post so I’m just gonna stop here and have some dinner, lol.

Animal Wrapping

17 Dec

Gift wrapping alternative


This is so adorable.  Forget about fancy expensive wrapping paper;
all you need is a stack of plain, white computer paper and a black marker. :)

Flying Motorbikes

11 Dec

flying motorcycles

Sirius Black and Hagrid would be amused by this.

source: pinterest

Quadrate Spiral

11 Dec

Benedict Cumberbatch; Sherlock; staircase

I have have no idea whether this is a promo pic for the new season of Sherlock or whether it’s a Cumberbatch photo shoot, but either way, it’s a fantastic shot and omgseason3isbeginsJanuary19!!  Now I have something to look forward to after Nikita ends. :)

source: tumblr

To the Batmobile!!

10 Dec

batmobile; batman; robin batmobile; batman; robin

source: tumblr


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